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How to Join the Literary Lottery for Free...

Started by Hem of CulturalBook in Reflections on Life. Last reply by A. H. Jessup Apr 8. 1 Reply

Dear Members,Please spend three minutes with us and we'll reward you by giving you free access to the Literary Lottery...We had some little mini surveys for you yesterday.  Today, we have an 8 question survey that will take three minutes tops.  This survey is very important to us, it's part of an large research project.  If you will complete the survey and then go to the Literary Lottery group and "request to join" we will grant you access with the utmost delight and pleasure !!SURVEY:  …Continue

Is it ever scientifically possible to guarantee the moon will be full on the night of a full moon?

Started by Roman Payne in Reflections on Life. Last reply by A. H. Jessup Apr 8. 1 Reply

I believe that only Aristotle and Plato were smart enough to answer this question:Is it ever scientifically possible to guarantee that the moon will be full on the night of a full moon?(Am I right, or am I wrong?:)So how about this wager, Dear Members... If you write a cultural press-release that we accept as being interesting enough for major news distribution...And we send it to our list of thousands of top journalists and world-class publications around the world...And none of those…Continue

I would like to send you $1

Started by Roman Payne in Publishing. Last reply by A. H. Jessup Apr 8. 1 Reply

I know that $1 is not a lot, but let's face it: CulturalBook is a literary website and not a financial news site (thankfully!). So all we can offer you is $1...Every single day, we are going to send $1 via PayPal, to the member who either writes what we consider, the best short poem or literary quote; or else to the person who posts the most thought-provoking comment in reply to a poem or quote that someone posted.The rules:The poem or literary quote cannot be longer than six lines. A comment…Continue

Explaining "Life" - cont'd

Started by Arthur Telling in Reflections on Life. Last reply by Arthur Telling Apr 7. 2 Replies

Life must be a mix of differing vibrations, for a single and steady vibration offers no change, no differences. Imagine a rainbow that is just a single color; imagine the sky and everything as that same color, whether it be white, black, red, anything. This mighty rainbow disappears as does everything within the eye’s view, there being no differences in the color and reflected colors of light. And as the eye is one of the five physical senses, the others senses, too, are revealed through…Continue


Started by Hem of CulturalBook in Craft of Writing and Techniques of Art Apr 3. 0 Replies

All members who win at least one time, our daily poety/literary-quote, have the right to use this badge on their website or blog (or wherever they choose)...Continue

Karen Elizabeth Perini is our One Dollar Winner Today

Started by Roman Payne in Publishing Apr 3. 0 Replies

Note: to win an immediate cash prize that is enough money for you to buy a bottle of purified water when you are in a third-world country, either post your ORIGINAL literary quote, or ORIGINAL poem of six lines or fewer to our blog section, or comment on someone else's post: at CulturalBook are proud to have Eric Hjerstedt Sharp, Curtiss Plaskon, and Lee Crase as contributing…Continue

A new international thriller by Adam Serafan

Started by Lane in Literature Talk. Last reply by Hem of CulturalBook Mar 27. 2 Replies

Thank you Roman, for inviting me to post.COMPLICITYDuke Johnson has managed to get his news service to send him  to Yugoslavia to cover the burgeoning wars. However, the stories his bosses demand cause him to invent a lie......a lie that explodes as it creates an international sensation, and is then used to…Continue

Tags: new, world, order, thriller, political

Do you love historical fiction? Here is one for only 99 cents.

Started by Monique Roy in CulturalBook the Website Mar 26. 0 Replies

Across Great Divides is a timeless story of the upheavals of war, the power of family, and the resiliency of human spirit. When Hitler came to power in 1933, one Jewish family refused to be destroyed and defied the Nazis only to come up against another struggle—confronting apartheid in South Africa. The novel connects two of the 20th century's great travesties: the Nazi occupation of Europe and apartheid in South Africa. The book is a hauntingly beautiful story of faith, family, and redemption,…Continue

Prose/Poetry Blog Posts


Posted by Tony Thorne MBE on April 13, 2015 at 3:52pm 0 Comments

In this life

there are thousands of ways

of doing something wrong,

but only a few ways of getting things right

This explains why things go wrong

most of the time

Love Is

Posted by J. Conrad Guest on April 11, 2015 at 3:35pm 1 Comment

“Love is not like a forest fire that burns intensely,

hotly and out of control for a brief moment

until, its expendable fuel spent,

it sputters,

seeking in vain

for something else to consume,

to sustain itself before, finally,

it dies:

cold, black ash

the only evidence of its passing.

Love is, instead, a campfire.

It provides ample warmth and comfort

to those who sit around it.

And although its flames may at times wane,



A World Without Music

Posted by J. Conrad Guest on April 10, 2015 at 5:26pm 0 Comments

Returning from the first Gulf War haunted by horrific images of the body of a marine he brought back from the desert, Reagan seeks refuge from his nightmares and broken marriage in a jazz quartet in which he plays bass guitar.

Fifteen years elapse and he has a one-night affair with Rosary, a young woman he meets at one of his gigs. When his ex-wife Sarah looks into his life, they decide to reunite, and an incensed Rosary decides to exact her revenge.

With help from Tom…


Excerpt from "The Conscious Explorer

Posted by A. H. Jessup on April 9, 2015 at 9:00am 0 Comments

Instant creation, no persistency, free attention unbounded by concepts and word-forms. All dimensions voluntary.

Talk about a vacation, ya know what I mean?



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In this lifethere are thousands of waysof doing something wrong,but only a few ways of getting things rightThis explains why things go wrongmost of the timeSee More
Apr 13

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A. H. Jessup commented on Karen Perini's blog post 'Literary Quote' By Karen Elizabeth Perini
"Truly sad...and sadly true.  And well turned, as well!"
Apr 12
Kathleen Wright commented on J. Conrad Guest's blog post Love Is
"love ministers  (poem encapsulated... In other words, love heals...  This poem lent for some nice imagery... to sit near the fire... in essence is to 'meditate upon'   its centered warmth.        "
Apr 11
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Apr 11
Steve May commented on Karen Perini's blog post 'Silence' Short Poem By; Karen Elizabeth Perini
"Captures simply logic: hush no words, that's it not said; silence! Alone, quiet, hushed stillness turns into thoughts of words Alongside the images coming into view what the heart desires In the solitude of quiet the words needed a sentence of…"
Apr 11
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A. H. Jessup replied to Hem of CulturalBook's discussion How to Join the Literary Lottery for Free...
"Done. Sorry it is so late!"
Apr 8

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A. H. Jessup replied to Roman Payne's discussion Is it ever scientifically possible to guarantee the moon will be full on the night of a full moon?
"The answer is yes, within the bounds of the usual meaning of "scientific" and "prove"--a very high probability with a large measure of accuracy. If such a press release were to be composed, where should it be sent?"
Apr 8

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A. H. Jessup commented on Wilson B. Sanchez's video
Apr 8

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A. H. Jessup replied to Roman Payne's discussion I would like to send you $1
"This is a brill scheme, indeed."
Apr 8
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All Manner of Dark Things (Book Trailer)

All Manner of Dark Things: Collected Bits and Pieces is now available from Bottle Cap Publishing.
Apr 7
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Apr 7

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Arthur Telling replied to Arthur Telling's discussion Explaining "Life" - cont'd
"Expectedly, image will build upon image over ages of time. The "God" force being the very energy apparent within us, our own thoughts, our yearning to show our presence, to be unique yet similar, to stand out yet blend in, differentiation…"
Apr 7
Roxanne Smolen posted a blog post

Author Quote

It's better to have real control over an imaginary world than imaginary control over the real world. - Roxanne SmolenSee More
Apr 6

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